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Who Am I?

Who am I A view into my blurry reflection/  ( ווער בין איך? אן אנטפלעקונג פון א פארצייטישע שפיגל) פון וואנעט קום איך און פון וואנעט אויפגעשפראצט? פון וואו ציען זיך מיינע ווארצלען און וואוהין האב איך זיי איבערגעלאזט? איך קום פון...

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א גרוס פון יענע וועלט

‫די אויגן לעפלעך ס’קלעבט‬ ‫די געדאנקען אין א פארוואגלט ארט שוועבט‬ ‫דאס גוף צום בעטל צוגענאגלט‬ ‫מיט ברויזנדע טרוימען באהאגלט‬ ‫ס’חלומט זיך א חלום פון די וועלט‬ ‫א כוואליע אין קאפ זיך געשטעלט‬ ‫וואלן ס’רוישט,...

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A refuge for refugees

A concengtragtion camp that sheltered Jews from asll over Europe.

I asked an Italian journalist  from Calabria to write up this article for Yom Hashoa. Here is the story she sent in.

Ferramonti Camp: a history of peaceful coexistence in Calabria, during the Second World War.

By Aurelia Zucaro

June 1940. Calabria, province of Cosenza, in the very south of Italy, far from the real political and economic decisions of the country, stood the Ferramonti di Tarsia: the first and largest internment camp for foreign Jews in Italy.

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Di Froyen

A new play in yinglish by Melissa Weisz and Malky Goldman
Melissa and Malky talk about the journey they took in creating this important drama about one woman’s struggle for the right to reunite with her children.By  forcing the women in her family to face their demons she gives them the courage and resolve to stand up for the rights of women within the Chasidic community.

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Bubbe Maises באבע מעשות

August 7, 2019
My grandmother was a child of war and terror. As a young child in 1940’s Jerusalem, first under Ottoman Rule, then under the British Mandate she was kept indoors and hidden from sight. She was my great-grandmother’s miracle baby and my great-grandparents did everything in their power to keep her safe and fed.

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