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Author: Assimilated Amy

Memories of Marsha P. Johnson

A friend of mine called me about a month ago. She said she’d been scrolling through her news feed and read something she thought I might find interesting . ”Guess who the Governor is naming a Brooklyn park after? ” She asked.
It took me only a minute or two to hit on the answer. ”Marsha P. Johnson. Am I right? “
“Yes , you are”, my friend confirmed.
I first met Marsha in the late 1980s at The Theater for The New City, when we were both beginning rehearsals for a Hot Peaches musical.

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Assimilated Amy

Now that I, along with the rest of the world am on lock down, it seems a perfect time for me and members of The New Yiddish Rep to get serious about  blogging.  Here goes.

My husband David Mandelbaum, the force behind The New Yiddish Rep just moments ago asked me to set up my username and password for this site.

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